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Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is a widespread protein component of mixed cattle, poultry and fish feed. The high vegetable protein content in soybean meal makes it possible to save on expensive animal feed and provide cattle, poultry and fish with high-energy nutrition.

Soybean meal is a high-protein type of meals. It is obtained in the process of oil production from soy beans. Soybean meal contains a wide range of minerals, amino acids, and proteins. Feed grade soybean meal complies with the following quality indicators: · Moisture content: not more than 10%; · Crude protein (on absolute dry matter basis): not less than 45-49%; · Crude fiber: not more than 5.0%; · Crude fat: 1.5-2.0% · Urease activity 0.03-0.2 pH; · All other quality indicators of soybean meal correspond to GOST R 53799-2010.

By the biological value of the protein complex, soybean meal is the best vegetable raw material for the feed production. The recommended content of soybean meal in cattle and poultry diet is up to 35%. The protein contained in soybean meal is highly digestible by the body and is close to animal protein by its biological value.

Results of soybean meal use It is the only type of meals that may be fed unrestrictedly to sows, fattening pigs and store pigs weighing 15 kg and more. Heat-treated soybean meal does not contain any antinutrients that worsen the digestibility of feed and pigs' productivity.

On average, soybean meal makes not more than 25% of the feed volume. Farmers determine the amounts of raw materials in the diet based on animals' weight, species, and age.

· For pigs weighing 7.5-15 kg: up to 15%;

· In pre-starters for pigs weighing up to 7.5 kg: up to 10%;

· For fattening pigs: 20-25%;

· For sows, fattening pigs and store pigs weighing 15 kg and more: unrestrictedly;

· For milking cows: unrestrictedly;

· For growing birds: 15%; and more · For broilers up to the age of several weeks: 15-20%;

· For turkeys: up to 25%.

High-protein soybean meal contains more protein and amino acids, so its ratio in feed is lower by 1% on average than that of standard soybean meal.

Soybean meal is also important in feeding of dairy cattle, especially high-yielding cows. It is known that the microflora of the rumen of a cow producing more than 3.5-4 ths. kg of milk per year cannot fully satisfy the needs of animal for essential amino acids. The most affordable protein for the enrichment of mixed feeds with a protein having with high-valued amino acid composition is soybean meal (soybean cake, full-fat soybean).

How soybean meal influences the productivity of animals:

· Increase in laying capacity by 22%;

· Increase in weight gain of bull calves by 32%;

· Increase in weight gain of yelts by 5%;

· Increase in weight gain of chicks by 7%;

· Increase in milk yield of cows by 2 l per day;

· Increase in fat content in milk from 3.6 to 4.2%; Increase in protein content in milk from 2.7 to 3.4%.

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