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Requirements to the soybeans purchased

Protein, moisture and impurity contents are as per GOST.

Delivery for production to the city of Engels.

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Call:+7(915) 773-33-77; +7(937) 773-33-73


Our company closely cooperates with farmers and producers of soy beans in the Far East, the Amur region and the Jewish Autonomous district. we organize uninterrupted railway deliveries of raw materials to the processing plant.

We also deliver by rail in containers, wagons and tanks. We accept orders on FOB terms.

Our Advantages

Own production and state-of-the-art technologies

Strict control of the algorithm for processing raw materials and obtaining high quality products is observed

Worldwide delivery by auto truck, railway or water transport

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Office: 205 Studencheskaya st., Engels the city of Engels

Tel: +7 8452 60 33 31

Tel:+7 8452 58 38 23

Tel:+7 953 636 60 43


Business hours: Mon-Fr, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Warehouse facilities and soybean processing site: Zernoperevalka Base, Shumeyka village, Engelssky District, Saratov Region, Russia

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