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Sunflower Meal

Sunflower meal in the ration of livestock makes it possible to reduce the cost of feed by up to 25% in all periods of growth compared with the use of soybean products.

The quality of sunflower meal depends on the method of seed treatment. The less hulls in the feed, the higher the ratio of protein and more energy. The main product on the market is universal meal with a protein content of 38%. Such additive contains 20-25% of fiber and 8-10% of lignin, which reduces the nutritional value of protein.

High-protein sunflower meal contains up to 46% of protein and up to 14% of crude fiber. Its nutritional properties are better than those of soybean meal. However, many enterprises have no technological capacities for full extraction of hulls from the product.

Physical properties and heterogeneous structure of sunflower meal is worse than in soybean meal. To avoid the formation of powdery dust affecting the uniformity of the total mass of mixed feed, it is necessary to use pelletized sunflower meal, or granulate feed containing sunflower meal.

When soybean meal may be substituted by sunflower meal High-protein sunflower meal is a good alternative to soybean meal. In broiler ration, the substitution of soybean meal by sunflower one makes it possible to cheapen the feeding during the whole period of reproduction, while preserving the indices of poultry rearing, its safety and poultry meat quality. In a study conducted on broiler chickens, the yield of the edible portion increased, and the amount of fat in the meat decreased. Calves and heifers equally gain weight when fed with soybean and sunflower meals. When using both rations, animals digest 79% of protein, but the availability of energy is 9% less for feed with sunflower meal than that for soybean meal. Equivalent substitution of protein-bearing components: 5% of sunflower meal can be substituted by 5% of soybean meal, with simultaneous reducing the amount of grains by 1.5%.

Where and how sunflower meal is used Sunflower meal, like rapeseed meal, cannot be introduced into the ration of animals as the only protein carrier. The product contains 20.5% of crude fiber, which reduces the nutritional value of mixed feed.

· For cows and young stock after 12 months: up to 25%;

· For bovine young stock below 12 months: up to 20%;

· For pig fattening: up to 10%;

· For piglets below 4 months: up to 8%;

· For growing poultry: up to 15%;

· For mature poultry: up to 20%;

· For rabbits: up to 25%;

· For horses: up to 20%;

· For sheep: up to 10%.

As rabbits, pigs, and poultry need less energy, the high fiber and lignin content in sunflower hulls does not affect the growing and productivity of these animals.

To increase milk yield of dairy cows, the sunflower meal should be partially or completely peeled off. For broiler chickens aged 7 days and more, sunflower meal should contain a minimum quantity of hulls.

Unlike other types of meal, sunflower meal is resistant to damage by mycotoxins, which are present in most feeds and impair the poultry productivity.

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